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Fading (2012) - Video
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Face To Face (2011) - Video
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The project Fading is part of a series of videos and performances that have as primary theme the loss of memory. Fading is a video referencing the loss of collective culture and memory in Hawaii.

The human body has been an important vehicle for preserving visual culture and traditional symbols in the form of tattoo art among Hawaiian natives. Traditional cultures of Hawaii have been mostly assimilated by American culture.

The symbols are painted with local red clay rich in red iron oxide found in Hawaii. The painted symbols are slowly washed away by waterfall water. This parallels the loss of collective memory and visual culture in Hawaii.

The goal is for the viewer to reflect upon the loss of memory and the disappearance of visual culture. By accelerating the loss of memory, people engage in the act of remembering and re-creating memory.


Face To Face is a conflict with oneself representing a certain desperation that leads to acts meant to end oneself’s image. It is a struggle between ego and anti-ego. After the destruction follows the desire and attempt to repair or put everything back together.