Outdoor Exhibition at Kentuck Knob, 
a Frank Lloyd Wright House in Pennsylvania, 
May-September 2012

Media: Railroad ties, railroad spikes, burlap and hydro stone

Total dimensions of ensemble: approximately 30 x 30 x 9 feet (9 x 9 x 2,74 m)
Each unit is 108 x 108 x 16 inches (274 x 274 x 41 cm)


Muses is a sculptural ensemble bringing together elements of female bodies made out of burlap dipped in hydro stone and recycled railroad ties. The old and partially broken down ties reference the ghosts of the industrial age. They are paired with symbols of femininity found in the organic-looking white hydro stone coated burlap forming elegant spirals around the sculptures.

My inspiration springs from the Roman sculptures of the muses from Cyrene, Libya. I am attracted to the beauty of cracked and aged sculptures that have survived thousands of years of erosion and human aggression.

The industrial, greasy-looking, dark-colored, phallic and erect ties, referencing the male dominated industrial history appear in contrast with the fragile-, soft- and white looking abstract and symbolic representations of the female bodies.

The author intends for the work to provoke the viewer in reflecting upon the chimeras of the human impact towards the environment as well the role of women in history as caring and nurturing. The feminine and community based ways of being are seen as a potential return to a more compassionate relationship with the environment.

While the sculptures are structurally sound and safe, their visual contribution references an aesthetics of decay and return to nature. The sculptures interact with each other and invite the viewer to walk around them to get a sense of the collective experience. They are meant to inspire people to act in the shift towards embracing the environment and recycling more.