Winner of the International Competition for The Monument dedicated to the Romanian Language, organized by The Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Moldova.

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2014

in collaboration with Andrei Ciubotaru


When viewed from any direction, the monument will resemble an open book. I chose the symbol of the book because it represents the history of knowledge and of collective memory. The viewer will be able to interact visually and spatially with this open book which will allow him to travel the lingvistic history of the Romanian people. The monument sits on a concrete base that is 20 meters in diameter. The pages of the books are composed of steel structures covered in sheets of copper with a height of 6,5 meters and a length of 4,8 m. The space between the pages is a symbolic path. The monument does not propose a linear evolution, it is a contemporary vision of saving cultural values by showcasing the living character of the Romanian language. The copper walls will oxidize over time and this change of color from red to green will suggest the dynamic quality of the Romanian language.

The proposed monument springs from the colective and lingvistic archaeology of memory of the Romanian culture. Language is the most concrete element of afirmation for the continuity and age of a culture. The laser-engraved writings on the copper sheets are representative for the history of the Romanian language and the origin of European cultures: the Roman inscriptions found in Romania (former Dacia) and the manuscripts of the most important modern and contemporary Romanian writers.



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