Performance at Galeria Simeza, Bucharest, Romania  February 15-21, 2008

In Pomenire (Forever Remembrance) the artist participates in a funeral procession of his own artwork. What starts as a traditional exhibition with an art critic speaking very highly of the artist's work (typical to many exhibitions, thus leaving no room for the audience to think for themselves) becomes a critique of traditional or cliché exhibition practices. The performance criticizes not only art critics and artists who approach exhibitions in cliché ways, but also questions the idea of both institutions and artists immortalizing art. The work also addresses the inability of artists to compete with shopping malls attracting more people in a materialistic society.

Participants: Vlad Basarab, Richard Bovnoczki, Andrei Ciubotaru, Jan Eugen, Pompiliu Radulescu, Filip Alexandrescu, Elena Toma etc.

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