NEURON  - collaborative project. Vlad Basarab, Andrei Ciubotaru and Dragoș Neagoe


Vlad Basarab, Andrei Ciubotaru and Dragoș Neagoe

The installation NEURON is the result of the collaboration between visual artists Dragos Neagoe, Andrei Ciubotaru and Vlad Basarab . This installation welds together the visions of the three artists by transforming  the space, offering the audience the chance to interact in a path of visual connections. The videos of Vlad Basarab and Dragos Neagoe depict, as common elements, the transformation, the degradation and the erosion of sculptural objects as metaphors of human frailty.

Vlad Basarab - THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF MEMORY (video of an installation with clay books, wooden table, water)

My recent work has as a central theme The Archaeology of Memory, researching how personal and collective memory has been altered and how it can be recovered. The importance of caring for this phenomenon underlies human and social development. The past plays an important role in my creative process. My role as an artist is to dig through the layers of history as a cultural and psychological archaeologist. The Archaeology of Memory Series was influenced by the loss of culture and collective memory in particular as a result of communist censorship. The process of remembering becomes the only way of preserving history. I chose to use the symbol of the book because it summarizes the history of knowledge and collective memory .


Dragos Neagoe - DREAM OF ION PETRIŞOR , Video (Performance)

My work speaks about decomposition and degradation of man's physicality and the viewer’s relationship between fear of death and the anchoring in the immediate reality of life as stages of physical degradation continue. The physical decomposition frightens us, paralyzes us and awakens in us the feeling of anguish and fear of death. We acknowledge the Dream of Ion Petrisor and we all find in it personal connections from our experiences as well as the harsh events transmitted through the media.

Andrei Ciubotaru - TORT (CAKE), installation object (wooden table, earth, plastics)

I use soil as a symbol of primordial matter, an essential element in the composition of human civilization. Today, the earth comes beautifully wrapped and prepackaged with transparent plastic to be more stylish, with a pink ribbon to be more fancy, and shaped like a cake to please everyone. Enjoy your meal!


Vlad Basarab - The Archaeology of Memory, video projection (exhibition view)

Dragos Neagoe - The Dream of Ion Petrisor, video projection (exhibition view)

Andrei Ciubotaru - Cake (soil, wooden table, plastic wrap)